Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Wine to Remember

Many have spoke about the olfactory system being the strongest sense we possess. I often times felt that it was also the most overlooked. Though anyone who has run into a bystander wearing the perfume or cologne of an ex knows exactly how powerful your olfactory can be. 

It is important to note that the olfactory system is broken into two parts:

*Main Olfactory-Which is receptive to volatile airborne substances and odorants that are inhaled through the nose.

*Accessory Olfactory-That is (believed via behavioral evidence) more stimuli driven by pheromones.

While tasting through a flight of white wine, it was a viognier that hit me right in the olfactory! 

- Condrieu, Yves Cuilleron, "Les Challets", 1998, Rhone, France

The vivid memory of being no older than four years of age picking honeysuckles with my sisters hit me like a ton of bricks. Yet, I had not even tasted the wine! The funny thing is that I also had no recollection of this event ever taking place prior to smelling that glass of viognier. The mere fact that the wine had sparked a fond memory of mine was enough for me to purchase it, or twelve to be exact. Condrieu has since been on my radar and though a slight bias, Yves Cuillerons wines have been the most consistent examples of viognier deliciousness I have ever come across. 

Now, while both olfactory systems play their own role seperately, they are also both known to trigger chemical signals to the brain that parlay into perception. It has always been my belief that it is in fact, "Perception" that is 9/10 of the law, or at least reality. Which begs the question:
What happens when you mix a good date + champagne?

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Kris Moe said...

I'll look forward to following your take on the wine world. Cheers!