Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wine, its What's For Dinner

Many a glass of soda, milk, and kool-aid with dinner has been the norm as long as I can remember being on the dinner table growing up. I also fondly remember my parents drinking wine, and would like to say it was a Cote-Rotie or Sauvignon Blanc for that matter, not so. Truth be told, it was more like Mountain Chablis and Hearty Burgundy and neither one of which having anything to do with Chablis or Burgundy and usually out of a box! Now, while im not above a good throwdown with some quafable swill from time to time, it is a pleasure to see that the youth of this country have embraced wine as the newest and most fun addition to simple meals, nights out, and American culture.
Wine, its what's for dinner

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